One Plant Media specializes in working alongside Church Planters with Website Development, Print, Marketing, Outreach Strategies, and Systems Implementation for Launching your Church.

We know the stress that comes with Church Planters trying to do everything on your own, from learning how to design a website, to trying to purchase signs and mailers, all why having to fundraise and build your core team. It can be very daunting! That's why we exist. We've been in your shoes. We are church planters, graphic designers, marketing managers and more who take the burden off your shoulders in successfully launching your church. 

We provide you with the resources, ideas, and strategies necessary to making your Launch Day dreams come true. From brainstorming marketing plans, to developing your launch page website, or designing marketing materials, fundraising pamphlets, and even street signs, we can do it all. 



The best part of One Plant Media is that you have two options when working with us: 

1) You can team up with us to be your "off site" design and development team. With this option we work directly with you to achieve your Launch Day goals.

2) You can subscribe to our Online Courses where we teach you best practices of Launching your church. It's totally customizable and up to you. 



Graphic Design

We have the capability of designing everything from your church website, to volunteer tags, fundraising brochures, streets signs, and marketing materials. If a church plant needs it, we can design it. 



One of the benefits of working with One Plant Media is that we provide you with all the original proofs of your designs. That way you can use ANY company you want to print materials. This saves you time and money!


We know there are 1,000 different ways you can market your church plant launch. Our team helps you create a successful launch marketing strategy tailored to your church plant context and city. 



We have had the opportunity to see outreach done in multitude of ways. We can guide you through event planning, idea implementation, realistic goals casting. You don't have to reinvent the outreach wheel! 


Systems & back-end

Instead of researching 100s of programs for finances, membership, communications and more. We can help you set up all-in-one systems that work best for the type of church you want to launch! 



Every church planter dreams of having a successful launch day where hundreds of people show up to hear the message of the gospel. Our dream is to make the vision God gave you a reality. And we'll do our best to make it a success!

Gone are the days where you have to do everything on your own to launch a church. Let us help you successfully launch your church, while freeing you up to preach the gospel,  grow your core team, and reach your city! 

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